Artist Attila Szűcs with his painting


Artist Attila Szűcs with Yicca's director Massimo Toffolo


Artist Davide Valenti and his sculpture

Artist Elena Fantini with her husband and Massimo Toffolo

Artist Jacopo Trabona

Artist Stefania Balestri with her artwork

Artists Marie Clerel (left) and Lucie Belarbi

Collectif Indigène (Jean Marie Reynier and Andreanne Oberson) with their sculpture

Curator Aron Fenyvesi (left) with artist Ingolv Helland

Curator Noah Stolz

Curators Lorenzo Bruni (left) and Aron Fenyvesi

Exhibition view (Andrea Dojmi and Lorenzo Bona - ELY)

Exhibition view (Andrea Dojmi and Lorenzo Bona - ELY)1

Exhibition view (Attila Szűcs - Couple with bear)

Exhibition view (Collectif Indigène - Superstar)

Exhibition view (Csaba Kis Róka - Touch)

Exhibition view (Darko Stanic - United World)

Exhibition view (Davide Valenti - Tradition)

Exhibition view (Elena Fantini - Circus)

Exhibition view (Ingolv Helland - Shadow Box)

Exhibition view (Ingolv Helland - Shadow Box)1

Exhibition view (Jacopo Trabona - Bas-relief FIRA)

Exhibition view (Lucie Belarbi and Amélie Chassary - Huis-Clos, La Table)

Exhibition view (Malwina Pukaluk - Untitled)

Exhibition view (Marie Clerel - SHEA)

Exhibition view (Maurizio Bongiovanni - Bird rib)

Exhibition view (Stefania Balestri- Illudersi)

Exhibition view (Yuki Ichihashi - A song)

From left artist-juror Mathieu Mercier, artist Ingolv Helland and journalist Douglas Heingartner

From left artists Darko Stanic with his brother and Malwina Pukaluk

From Left artists Yuki Ichihashi, Stefania Balestri curator Lorenzo Bruni and Yicca's director
Margherita Jedrzejewska

From left; curator Lorenzo Bruni, artist Csaba Kis Róka, curator Aron Fenyvesi

Jounalist Douglas Heingartner and Yicca's artists coordinator Patrick Simonitto

Journalist Douglas Heingartner (left) with Massimo Toffolo

Massimo Toffolo with artists Yuki Ichihashi (right) and Stefania Balestri

Massimo Toffolo with atists Lorenzo Bona (left) and Andrea Dojmi

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