Factory-Art Projects has established its name by curating cutting-edge contemporary art from all around the world. Now it is an innovative talent scout platform devoted to the emerging contemporary art scene by setting up exhibitions in London, NYC and Berlin.

Our mission is to open new opportunities for artists by promoting artistic research, increase the communication between the artist's projects, put them in comparison and lay the foundation for an extended dialogue.

From January 2012 when Factory-Art Project started the aspiring Project Berlin, followed by London Calling and New York Now, have been exhibited over 170 artists from over 60 countries! During this time many art lovers and collectors requested the ability to view the work of all participating artists on the FACTORY–ART website in addition to the exhibited artists. That’s why Factory-Art Projects decided to offer the opportunity to all subscribers to create a professional portfolio on the FACTORY–ART website.

Participating artists now have the opportunity to create their own professional portfolio on FACTORY–ART website, allowing them increased visibility and participation in all Factory-Art Project selections to exhibit in London, New York and Berlin as well as all forthcoming new projects.

Exhibitors are now being selected amongst the many excellent and interesting artists who are joining our FACTORY-ART community. FACTORY-ART aim is to grow this wonderful online community of talented artists in order to gain increasing recognition, interest and visibility from the art world not only for the selected artists but for all members.

The contemporary art offers us the possibility to see the world with different and unusual eyes and allows us to understand the time that we are live in. Factory-Art organization team is proud to help art lovers and artists to meet and grateful about the positive feedback received.

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